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Forward to a Friend, Feedback & Subscribe to Grow your mailing list!

Earlier in the year we updated our 2008 article titled – New Year’s Resolution – Grow Your Mailing List. How did you get on – did you manage to deploy our key techniques? If so, right now you’d be witnessing new people joining your mailing list on a regular basis and you’d be getting the benefits from reaching more people every time you mail out.

There is another key technique you can use to grow your mailing list/database – inserting standard and custom tags in your emails. Are you aware that there is a fully functioning TAG library in your account?

You can access the TAG Library by clicking on the link that is visible just above your HTML editor – in your create message area of your account.

Key Tags For Your Email Template = Forward, Subscribe, Feedback

A good starting point for utilising the TAGS in your account is to add three standard tags to your email template. These tags assist your existing mailing list subscribers by encouraging them to provide you with ‘FEEDBACK’ or ‘FORWARD’ your message to a friend. All generic email templates can also benefit from having a ‘SUBSCRIBE’ tag too. An ideal position for these tags is on your email template menu bar.

While the feedback tag is not as well used as the ‘forward’ and ‘subscribe’ standard tags – I suggest it is also utilised. While the focus is to push information out to your mailing list/database, getting information back can provide your business with valuable insight. To get tags put into your email template – please send an email to [email protected] (special rate – we will update your template with tags for just $45).

The ‘forward to a friend’ tag when clicked allows the person to enter in the address of the person they wish to send the message to. The message is then sent to that ‘friend’ in exactly the original format so it renders well. Clicking ‘forward’ on your email client often distorts the presentation of the message when it is viewed as a ‘fwd:’ message. When you log into your mobilize mail account the last email campaign statistics on your home page will present the ‘forward’ tag statistics for every message that tag is included. The same applies for the ‘Feedback’ and ‘Subscribe’ tags just like your current measurement where you can view the ‘open’ and ‘unsubscribe’ statistics.

You can start growing your mailing list now with these standard tags in your email template… contact us. Our next blog post on tags will detail use of tags for customising your email messages.

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