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Create An Email Communications Plan

The saying goes – “People do not plan to fail…..they fail to plan“. Get 2008 off to a great start with an Email Communications Plan. Like any other communications plan – we start by using the 4 x ‘w’s and 1 x ‘h’ (what, why, who, when and how) to create the written ‘plan of…


2008 Resolution – Grow Your Mailing List

We believe your email marketing objective in 2008 should be – to grow your mailing list. Do you know how many ‘confirmed opt in’ subscribers are on your mailing list? Is it less or more subscribers than a month ago, or six months ago? Unless you have key strategies in place to continually grow your…


e-Cards are not just for Christmas

The rising costs of sending letters and cards via snail mail has created a fantastic opportunity for e-Cards. Our databases continue to grow and email is the most time and cost effective method of communication. Sending custom designed Cards to individuals and groups strengthens our relationship with suppliers, customers, friends, family. Mobilize Mail can create…


Consumer ‘Email Insecurity’ Documented

The interesting facts below confirms our belief that subscribers must be respected and the following is to apply: Ensure the information you send to your subscribers is relevant to them; and they receive what they subscribed to. If that is a monthly newsletter then it is imperative that a monthly newsletter is delivered to that…


Advertise in Email Newsletters – excellent ROI

Delivering regular emails to your mailing lists with relevant information provides a higher open rate. With your emails professionally presented in a branded template subtle advertising of your business is the net result each time you deliver your email campaign. However ‘subtle’ this advertising may be the Return on Investment (ROI) for creating and delivering…


Email Campaign Statistics – Are They Useful?

  Working smarter not harder – it’s not as easy as it sounds except when it comes to email marketing. Whether you run a business as a marketer for your clients products or services or you are promoting your own, the job is made a lot easier when you can measure the results with email…


Email Marketing for Small Business

I have decided to create a series of articles on email marketing for small business after helping numerous of our small business clients with their email marketing strategies. The one common element I have found is that they are all scared to venture into this space for fear of being marked as spammer and losing…


eCard Update

At this time of year a lot of businesses send eCards (email versions of Christmas cards) to their clients and prospects. eCards sometimes have the Christmas wishes accompanied with an image of Christmas usually embedded within the email for maximum effect. One of the reasons businesses use email service providers such as Mobilize Mail is…


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