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Consumer ‘Email Insecurity’ Documented

The interesting facts below confirms our belief that subscribers must be respected and the following is to apply:

  1. Ensure the information you send to your subscribers is relevant to them; and they receive what they subscribed to. If that is a monthly newsletter then it is imperative that a monthly newsletter is delivered to that subscriber.
  2. Avoid sending all your business communication to all subscribers – if the subscription is for a monthly message (newsletter) sending weekly communication will more than like result in a high unsubscribe rate.

More than half of consumer email users use at least two email addresses, apparently to protect themselves from spam and cybercrime, according to an October 2007 survey by email reputation service Habeas and market research firm Ipsos that found what it called a high “email insecurity factor” among regular email users.

Among the findings:

73%: Survey participants who use email daily
62%: Concerned about becoming victims of fraud or cybercrime
60%: Say spam is becoming worse
83%: Say their email client’s user interface has a spam button
23%: Say their email service has fraud detection
64%: Say permission/personal email regularly get routed to the spam folder or blocked

“Despite the popularity, ubiquity, cost-effectiveness and targeted nature of email, online relationships and the interactions that enable them are very fragile,” said Habeas CEO Des Cahill. “If individuals, marketers, businesses and Web 2.0 communities cannot place their trust in email, the Internet’s premier ‘killer app’ will not reach its full potential as these groups could refrain from using it for higher value interactions.”


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