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Email Campaign Statistics – Are They Useful?


Working smarter not harder – it’s not as easy as it sounds except when it comes to email marketing. Whether you run a business as a marketer for your clients products or services or you are promoting your own, the job is made a lot easier when you can measure the results with email metrics tracking to assist you.

Why? Well for starters as soon as you release your email campaign to your mailing list you can view the delivery and within a short period know who received your message unlike a physical letter box drop (direct mail marketing) where your flyers may not end up in the number of homes you anticipate.

Measuring the success of a marketing campaign is important for realising the ROI yet many businesses are slow to put a lot of effort into analysing the return for a particular channel or marketing medium utilised and this is understandable as some of the most popular mediums do not provide detailed feedback.

Over the last couple of years we have witnessed a major shift in advertising spend with a higher percentage being dedicated to measurable marketing initiatives especially online advertising banners, email and txt marketing. The drivers for the shift in spend are competition, squeezed profit margins and just plain ‘moving with the times’ – reaching out to the generations that spend more time on their computers and mobile phones.

Email Campaign Reports should be an integral part of your email marketing initiative. A trained eye analysing your campaign feedback can provide you with focus, ideas and of course results – more subscriptions, more sales. ‘Yes’ is the answer (just in case I haven’t answered the question presented earlier) – email campaign statistics can be extremely valuable for improving your success rate. It all comes back to working smarter. When you want to improve in an activity you get advice, mentoring, coaching etc. Improving your ability to reach out to your customers and prospects also requires the same analysis and instruction. Consider our Email Campaign Reporting for your next email campaign.

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