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eDM and Blog Writing Tips

Is eDM and blog copy writing a skill you can learn? We believe it is, and also it’s a skill that can be honed with practice and ongoing review. Here are some straightforward rules you can follow to create eDM and newsletter copy that will impress your email subscribers.



22 Percent New Websites Use WordPress

WordPress has reached new heights with its open-source software. With its ‘General Public Licence’ (GPL) users can use the WordPress software for free and also change it and share it. This freedom has been a game changer in the blogging software sphere and WordPress left has left its rivals behind.



Relevant Content Builds Business Success

Businesses want their website and webpages ranked on the first page of google’s organic search results and there is no magic answer to achieve it. Online Search is still considered the top referring channel of visitors to websites and Google is the most popular search engine.  While this lasts the battle to outsmart Google’s ranking algorithms…



Is Your Blog Generating Sales For Your Business?

Content Marketing is alive and well and its ultimate goal should be to generate sales for your business! While there are other goals too e.g. brand awareness, increase website traffic; your blog writers need to understand the overriding purpose of the blog and how it can drive more business into your company. The advancement in…


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How To Get Inbound Marketing Working For Your Business

New Zealand businesses have adopted inbound marketing but how do they know if it is really working for them?  What can they do to get better results?  If we target the three inbound marketing types simultaneously – optimum results are mostly likely the outcome. Inbound Marketing Types Explained – Paid, Owned and Earned Paid  =…


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No To A Business Blog – We Are Not Writers

Is your business guilty of saying something like this?  “We don’t have a business blog because we’re not writers”.  There is a fear out there when it comes to business blogging so it is often overlooked as a marketing channel for New Zealand businesses. So why is a Business Blog so scary?  The writing style…



Its easy to get caught up in one marketing channel and forget your business has many channels and they all need attention.  Perception rules therefore ignoring your social media profiles or your email list may be a detriment to your business.  More than likely an employee will favour one channel over another e.g. he or…


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This blog post is the final part in our series on  “how to market your New Zealand business with surgical precision”. Part 1 in the series provided an understanding of why New Zealand businesses need to know exactly where their customers and prospects hang out online and why they need an active yet professional social…



The Importance of Link Building in Articles

Writing articles and blogs used to be a more organic and natural process where you could just write without thinking about how your article would be found and who would read it. Now, as authors and bloggers, we are having to concern ourselves with things like search engine optimization (SEO), back linking, link building, natural links and of course how all this then links into Social Media Marketing NZ – which now plays an important part of a businesses online reputation management.



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