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Ad Blockers – What’s All The Fuss About?


Apple’s recent announcement that it’s iOS9 supports Ad Blocking software came as a shock and caused immediate advertiser and publisher panic online.

While Ad Blockers are not new – Apple’s move is considered a game changer. With a quick swipe across the device’s screen ad blocking can be activated and adverts that usually display when visiting news sites and other publisher sites online will no longer display and this presents a lost revenue opportunity.

Online Publishers large and small rely on online advertising revenue. They need their visitor eyeballs viewing and clicking on the adverts. Without the advertising revenue many sites will not adapt and thus not survive. The adage “adapt or die” will reign supreme online in the not too distant future.

Content Marketing (aka Native Marketing)

Sponsored articles is the way forward for publishing news sites and blogs. Once again this is not a new initiative – many news sites and blogs have been adding content marketing to their revenue mix for some time.

Mobilize Mail provides a content marketing service on it’s PropertyBlogs and BusinessBlogs sites and it’s our fastest growing service.

Change is inevitable and sites will present more ‘paid’ content or go down the ‘pay-wall’ path. There will be publishers adopting the paywall as their only option to sustain a consistent revenue stream. Back in February 2015 NZHerald reported they were on track to introduce their ‘paid’ content pay-wall model this year.

A good article on the rise of Ad Blocking can be found here.


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