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Content Marketing – Quality Beats Quantity

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Quality content leads the way for SEO and content marketing also takes centre stage among digital marketing strategies. Placement of well written articles on reputable third party websites is paramount for SEO and here’s why:

“Regularly publishing new content is important for SEO rankings—it’s great for updating keywords and keeping your site indexed. But it has another benefit as well: engaging content will earn you links via social media and website shares. Every link you receive from a credible source makes you more credible yourself”.

Once upon a time link building with any site was sure to raise your website’s profile with google, however since Penguin 2.0  quality backlinks from reputable websites is the smart way to progress.  Similarly the advent of Ad Blockers and the upturn of  use of ad-blocking apps particularly on smartphones has also been good for content marketers and article publishing websites like Business Blogs.

Unique quality articles on reputable third party websites produces the quality links desired.  Stuffing your articles with repetitive keywords however will harm your website and Google is hot on the tail of poor content sites with algothrium updates like Panda.

“Remember that the content should be organic. That means that rather than writing an article and trying to stuff in keywords, you need to write an article that flows naturally around those keywords. Google, which accounts for about 68% of searches, has changed its focus from keyword density to content quality, meaning you must as well.”

Mobilize Mail has been writing about the importance of blogs and relevant quality content for years.  In this blog post from 2012: The importance of blogs as a business marketing tool one of the benefits mentioned is the relevance of good content for SEO.

The quotes in this article are from Business Blogs


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