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Why NZ Businesses Use Content Marketing In 2017


Content marketing has come of age though you’d be forgiven for not knowing much about it. With service providers located mostly offshore, New Zealand businesses have been slow to include it in their marketing mix. Meanwhile around the globe and most notably in the UK and USA, it’s a marketing strategy that been fully adopted by businesses both large and small and everything in between. In 2017 content marketing is a service that’s easy to engage and easier still to get hooked on. It’s been tried, tested and honed around the globe and now with more service providers locally, our businesses can jump onboard and reap its benefits without being the ‘early adopter’. 

This article:  How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Business explains how content marketing has evolved and what’s all the go in 2017. Encouraging news for New Zealand businesses is in 2017 content marketing campaigns are easier to do and they include more exciting formats like video and chat so it’s easier to gauge it’s success. It is also using the hyper new strategy ‘interactive content’. Yes something else to learn and we’ll get you started when we cover it in our next blog article.

Arguably New Zealand businesses have had a valid excuse for holding back on content marketing services.  Up until recently there’s been a lack of local trusted agencies providing affordable copyrighting, and blogger outreach services.  We live in the age of the Internet and while these services have been available offshore for years without trusted local representation there has been an inherent mistrust in the service and it’s service providers as a whole.  However this is no longer an excuse now more SEO service providers and digital agencies have seen the light and jumped onboard with bundled service offerings that are achieved via engaging third parties both local and offshore.

Content marketing is the long game and works superbly well when it’s spread over time which can be weeks or months.  Campaigns that wow and convert release the message gradually in a series of articles (and other formats) with the content published on reputable blogs like our very own: BusinessBlogs, PropertyTalk and PropertyBlogs and also shared on social media.

Articles that work best are niche in topic and target a specific audience.  They are well researched with links to other reputable sources and they come with a message that adds immediate value to the reader and business.  The content is a winner when it does any of the following: educates or informs, provide knowledge, and offer light humour or entertainment.  Campaigns with content of this ilk are sure to hook the reader so they subscribe for more of the same and thus ideally also become part of the content via their feedback and comments on social media.

Our next blog article will be on ‘interactive content’ and how TVNZ have taken up the challenge with their imminent 5 day series ‘What Next’.

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