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Step Up To ‘Interactive Content Marketing’



Content marketing has gotten a lot smarter and it’s rewarding businesses and marketers globally with higher rates of conversion. Marketers are always looking for proven strategies that provide their clients with higher rates of user engagement. Interactive content marketing (ICM) is it and there are lots of different tools to use, many which gleam a bit more data out of the user for the business. It could be said that ‘interactive content marketing is ‘remarketing’ on steroids.

Remarketing A Product Or Service

Remarketing is a word you’ll associate with the Google’s Adwords remarketing service, however it is a verb to describe an action i..e the action of reintroducing a product or service to the market and it can take on many forms. It may commence with blog articles that may use use Digital Storytelling to create high interest content then the remarketing strategy use a variety of ICM tools to further enhance user engagement and ongoing interest in campaign. This is really the fun part where you can actively engage your website users while they’re on your site.

Passive versus Active

Passive participation is your user reading an article or watching a video both strategies are associated with content marketing while active participation is using ICM tools like a calculator, or playing a game. Captured data can also used for future targeted remarketing campaigns too.


What’s fundamental to all marketing effort whomever is doing it – is a well thought out plan and a campaign that includes measurement and ideally use of key performance indicators. Marketers get their success from not only giving it a go but also making sure they understand the new strategy and that when they try it out – it will take some refinement hence the need for good metrics and KPIs.

Marketing vs Sales

Small and micro businesses still fall into the trap of confusing marketing with selling. There is clear delineation between the two roles and different strategies and measurement is required for both. Marketing and sales work better together and your business’s sales pipeline depends on your investment in marketing therefore with a dedicated marketing budget, ninety percent of it can be used on tried and proven strategies like email marketing and content marketing with a smaller percentage invested on newer types like ICM.

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