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How Marketing & Sales Working Together Grows A Business

Growing a business in New Zealand requires both Sales and Marketing.  Ignoring either and your business will experience a drop in future sales, and a drop in clients as the rate of attrition surpasses new client acquisition.

97.2 percent of NZ businesses have less than 2o employees

Often sales and marketing is carried out by the same person or a very small team.  If there is only one person doing both tasks which task do they excel at and spend more time on often at the expense of the other?

If sales is the core skill set and preference of this person; then your business will need to either hire a dedicated marketing expert or outsource the role; or components of it to a third party or parties.  For example Mobilize Mail is engaged by its clients to manage all their email marketing. This often includes creating the initial Email Marketing Plan (activity & resources required for 12 months) and the ongoing execution of the campaigns (email campaign management service).

Email marketing is one channel utilised for marketing and it is often part of  far-reaching campaigns that include multiple offline and online channels.

Marketing is fundamental to the sustainability and growth of a business so it needs a dedicated budget and experts running the show so to speak.


Marketing occurs first and is at the entry point of the funnel – which also represents the volume of response which is unqualified.

Marketing strategies do filter response and then pass it over to Sales when it becomes an unqualified lead – it’s not hard to understand why both Marketing and Sales are required to grow a business.

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