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Content Marketing You’re Doing It Even If You Don’t Know It



There’s no way to avoid content marketing, it’s huge business and projected to grow to an annual spend of more $3 billion (USD) by 2019. It’s fair to say for the majority of marketers, they’re using content marketing in some form whether they’re cognisant of it or not. Businesses whom have embraced it for some time will now be using ’Interactive Content Marketing’ to improve their campaigns.

Interactive Content Marketing

Interactive Content Marketing (ICM) is the use of types of content that need the reader to actively participate. An example of passive participation is reading an article, and low level active participation is clicking a hyperlink However taking it a step further and greater participation can be achieved. Completing a survey or playing a game are examples of high level participation in interactive content marketing. With so many interactive marketing tools available now, marketers in-the-know are reaping the rewards for their clients with greater audience interaction and conversion.

Search online and it’s easy to find hundreds of ICM campaigns, in use by companies of all sizes and in different industries. Some examples of interactive content tools in use in campaigns are: Online calculators, surveys, interactive infographics, quizzes, assessments, games and wizards. See the image below.


How To Learn How To Use Content Marketing

A good starting point for anyone tasked with content marketing for a business is to follow the experts, i.e. the content writers, agencies, publishers etc. Start with following bloggers in social media platforms like LinkedIn and sign up to email newsletters from industry related content marketing blogs like BusinessBlogs.

You may be surprised by how many news websites offer a publishing service for content marketing. It’s not just bloggers whom are deeply immersed in this form of digital marketing. Digital agencies, SEO agencies, blogs, news sites, video streaming providers like YouTube are just a handful of channels earning a revenue from it. It’s a huge industry that’s spun a massive spider’s web through the Internet and in offline channels too so there really is no way of avoiding it as a marketer, business or Internet user.

A recent example of interactive content was TVNZ’s ‘What’s Next’ programme spanning five nights. Each nightly show streamed their Facebook page posts for their TV audience which essentially providing a live experience in both channels which captured a larger audience.

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