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Writing Articles For Your Blog Or A 3rd Party Site



Writing articles for 3rd party publisher sites and your blog can be a daunting process when you don’t know how to do it.  The purpose of blogging and article submission to publisher sites has evolved and it is now considered a fundamental part of marketing.  The advent of Ad Blockers has certainly helped it’s cause.

If you’re not writing articles on a regular basis your business may also be missing out on a first page position in key word search results and more website visitor traffic.

Many businesses say: No To A Business Blog – We Are Not Writers.  However it’s not that easy to avoid today given most of us now search online before purchasing a product or service.  Your business therefore needs to commit to article writing.

The Basics of Blogging provides you with tips on how to write for your business.

The copy must be relevant and succinct and most of all “interesting”.

Also read More Blogging Equals More Sales to find out what not to do on your business blog – this post was written a few years ago however the tips are more relevant than every before!


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