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No To A Business Blog – We Are Not Writers

Is your business guilty of saying something like this?  “We don’t have a business blog because we’re not writers”.  There is a fear out there when it comes to business blogging so it is often overlooked as a marketing channel for New Zealand businesses.

So why is a Business Blog so scary?  The writing style is informal – so you do not need a post grad English qualification to write up to 400 words on your blog and like most things it also gets easier with practice.  What may be holding you or your business back is ‘confidence’ but that too can be acquired quickly when you use these helpful business blogging tips.

Business Blogging Tips

Blog Title, Key Words, Relevant Content – get these core components right and you will have a winning blog post.

How to Improve Content to achieve blogging success – informative, engaging and interesting content for your blog.

A business blog is essentially your very own broadcasting channel and it needs to be a vital tool in your business marketing armoury.

Publish a blog post once and broadcast it many times so for every 300- 400 words you write it can be broadcasted far and wide in social media so your followers can visit your blog, read the blog post and in turn share it with their friends.  Your blog posts could also form the basis of your company e-newsletter – this is how we generate our Mobilize Mail monthly email tips newsletter.

Business blogging is not scary its exciting. For a marketer blogging measurement tools can provide valuable feedback on its success. If you really are convinced writing is not for you or your team you can outsource it to copywriters – therefore there really are no show stoppers to using this highly effective marketing channel for your business.


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