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Email Marketing – Trending Topics

What’s trending right now? Mid Winter, London Olympics, Rugby Finals, Batman Movie. There is always a buzz about something in the social media and the social media chatter can sometimes preempt mainstream media. While some themes and trends are best to keep away from, other positive trends can be a boost to your email marketing campaigns.

Tips for Designing Email Templates

Designing a viable Email template can be trickier than you may think, but it is very important for the success of your Email Marketing campaigns. There are many variables with different email clients and making sure you have an effective message which communicates with the recipient is key.

The Future of Email Marketing

The world of Email Marketing NZ is changing and your email marketing audience is changing too. Smartphones are all the buzz and the numbers of people assessing their email on smartphones and other Web enabled devices is growing day by day.

Email Marketing – Smart Gains At Small Costs

Email marketing brings positive results for businesses without a high cost to your business’s bottom line. Small and medium enterprises often engage the services of email marketing professionals to maximize returns from their email campaigns.

The Anti-Spam Law – Essentials To Be Aware Of

Most of us probably know about the “SPAM” problem by now and attempts to deal with it through the Unsolicited Electronic Message Act. SPAM clogs up the Internet, disrupts email delivery, reduces business productivity, raises Internet access fees, irritates recipients, and erodes people’s confidence in using email. None of us want to receive it, but…

10 Ways to Get Listed as a SPAMMER

A study conducted by Return Path in 2004 revealed that 60.1% of people deleted un-read messages from unknown senders. Even more disturbing 23.4% hit their “report this email as SPAM” button provided by the ISP and email subscriptions that they were subscribed to were also included. In this article I will present 10 of the…

Spam Filter Triggers Update

A recent report on what the major spam filter’s flag as possible spam states that by a long shot any emails that have a higher ratio of images to text will be flagged as spam. Also in the report there are some interesting findings of other text or phases that can greatly penalized your email…

Create An Email Communications Plan

The saying goes – “People do not plan to fail…..they fail to plan“. Get 2008 off to a great start with an Email Communications Plan. Like any other communications plan – we start by using the 4 x ‘w’s and 1 x ‘h’ (what, why, who, when and how) to create the written ‘plan of…

Easy-to-Use Anti Spam Flow Chart

See link below – this is a fantastic flow chart for understanding the Anti SPAM Act. Click here Thank you to Rick Shera who is a Partner of Lowndes Jordan for allowing me to link to his awesome creation!

NZ Anti SPAM Act – Do you know why we have it?

“Junk war rages on despite spam act” “NZ Anti-Spam Law Seen as Ineffective” and on and on…. One thing that still bugs me to this day is most people (who should know better) in  the email marketing/ISP sector believing that the NZ Anti-SPAM Act will somehow magically reduce the amount of SPAM Kiwi’s will receive….