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Spam Filter Triggers Update

A recent report on what the major spam filter’s flag as possible spam states that by a long shot any emails that have a higher ratio of images to text will be flagged as spam.

Also in the report there are some interesting findings of other text or phases that can greatly penalized your email content by the spam filters:

  1. The phrase “extra inches” will get you a score of 3.1 spam points by SpamAssassin. Which sends your email very close to the 5 points needed to mark your email as spam!
  2. Using “Dear” as your initial greeting for example “Dear Bob”. Using “Dear” will get your email awarded 2.7 spam points. That’s halfway to the “your email is spam”. Instead use something like “Hello” or “Howdy”.
  3. Be careful on your unsubscribe message as well. Having “Stop further distribution” as your unsubscribe message will get you 3.1 spam points! For Mobilize Mail clients you do not have to worry as the unsubscribe message we automatically add to the footer of your emails is the least likely to get spam points.
  4. “You registered with a partner” – yesh! This smells of unwanted and unsolicited email. Chances are if you are adding this statement within your message you are not using a permission based mailing list.

As you can see you may not be a spammer but if your message contains phases and text that spammers use there is a very good chance your emails will be marked as spam.

Keep your message clean from spammy phases and text for example:

Tips for your email content:

  1. Refrain from adding too many images to your email
  2. Spam-like words – Free, guarantee, credit card, no money down, financially independent or free etc…
  3. Watch your subject heading
  4. Red text – Get the red out. Red is a loud color and can be hard to read. It is also a spam tactic that may trip an email filter.
  5. All capital letters
  6. Excessive punctuation
  7. Excessive use of “click here” especially in all capital letters
  8. Excessive use of $$, and other symbols
  9. Misleading (or missing) subject line

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