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NZ Anti SPAM Act – Do you know why we have it?

“Junk war rages on despite spam act”

“NZ Anti-Spam Law Seen as Ineffective”

and on and on….

One thing that still bugs me to this day is most people (who should know better) in  the email marketing/ISP sector believing that the NZ Anti-SPAM Act will somehow magically reduce the amount of SPAM Kiwi’s will receive.

Come on!!

As I have said time and time again – there are 200 core spammers that are responsible for 80% of the worlds spam – 99.9% of them do not live in NZ and most wouldn’t even know we existed nor care in the slightest about the Act.

How do people think that the Act will stop the SPAM that is generated overseas??

The Act was provided to give the NZ government some power if by chance a spammer decided to setup shop in NZ – that’s it!!

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