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Twitter outperforms IPO expectations

It’s official Twitter finished it’s first day of trading at USD$44.90 per share. The first trade came in at $45.10 and reached USD$50.09 during the day closing at $44.90.  It was a mighty day for the owners who raised $1.8 Billion via the sale of 70 million shares and then saw the shares soar through…


Twitter outperforms IPO expectations | Mobilize Mail

Facebook Tips – Advanced

This is part three in Mobilize Mails series on Facebook Tips and in this installment we will cover some more advanced Facebook management features, like knowing when to post, pinning photos and how to optimize your page for SEO – all key ingredients for your Social Media Marketing success.



Facebook Tips – Managing your Page

In part two of our look at Facebook’s key areas we are focusing on managing your page. There are many different options available when setting up your business on Facebook, the following are a few key ways to manage this.



Businesses Beware – Social Media Advertising can Backfire

Businesses are responsible not only for their own social media marketing nz content, but anything that users have added or uploaded. A business could be censured for offensive or misleading content posted by a third-party on its Google Plus or Facebook page.



Facebook tips – Competitions

If you are small business or operate with a small team then you probably do not have a lot of time for social media and trying to staying on top of the constant changes that the likes of Facebook undergo can seem daunting.



Social Media and One on One Interactions

It is not enough to just be on “Facebook” and other social media sites and even if you feel you have a connection with people on these sites you and your business can do more. You can take the social media marketing NZ relationship to another level by responding to them personally. Whenever possible address your fans by their name and respond to their comments individually.



Its Time To Bring Targeted Visitors To Your Website

There are many paid strategies for bringing visitors to your website including online adverts. But what about free online marketing strategies and do they work? We have two free strategies that definitely work and while many are actively involved and using these strategies we are amazed there are not more businesses involved. My favourite saying…


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Make your Facebook Page a Fan Favorite

With your Facebook fan page there are so many choices to make – there is such a wide choice of set up options, including live chat options, photos, updates, video, and links. Having a Facebook plan should be top most in your businesses Social Media Marketing NZ strategy.


facebook fan

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