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Apple Super Sizes Phone



The release of anything Apple instantly grabs the attention of the tech world and apple lovers. So the release of their iPhone 6 overnight was no exception. The standard phone is larger than the iPhone 5s and you can super size that with the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 and it’s big brother iPhone 6 Plus is said to be larger, thinner, faster than previous models but no improvement on the iPhone’s battery life.



Apple also released the Apple Watch – that works in conjunction with the iPhone 6 and also iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. It is a new product suitable for some tasks like accessing Siri, looking at a calendar meeting, or a message or reviewing what song is playing but it’s not to be mistaken for a sized down iPhone said Tim Cook – Apple CEO.

The device styling has also gone back to the rounded edges which were on the earlier iPhone models.



One of the major additions with the iPhone 6 is the fingerprint reader and using the phone for payments. Payment systems will be in 220,000 locations around the world (initially) and your phone can be used to make the payments via the usual credit card companies. This is a welcomed development and ideally may reduce credit card fraud and security risk. The fingerprint reader is used during the payment process to authorise the transaction so your actual credit card details are not revealed to the cashier. Smart!


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