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DIA Tracks TXT Spammers

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 covers electronic messages, mobile txts and faxes. It has been managed by the DIA for nearly seven years now. Are you receiving txt spam? The answer is more than likely ‘yes’.

How To Grow Your Business Email Marketing List

Depending on your eDM (email marketing) activity your business email list may lose up to 10 percent of subscribers every year.  How so? All Business Email marketing in New Zealand needs to comply with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (The Act).  A vital component of the Act is the honouring unsubscribe requests.  Any business…

Is a LinkedIn Connection Consent for Email Marketing?

Mobilize Mail, is a local ESP (email service provider) and it is important we know the DIA’s interpretation of Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. We recently requested their insight on ‘consent’ via social network membership.

Latest NZ Spam Alerts Now Available on Twitter

Our very own New Zealand Anti Spam Compliance Unit of the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) are now on Twitter according to their latest press release. Their twitter profile is called AntiSpamInfoNZ and it has been created to share information as part of the DIA’s pubic education programme. The latest scams will be broadcasted on the twitter profile along with other useful information for compliance and spam avoidance.

Get Your Business Compliant with the Anti SPAM Law

I have just uploaded an article to our articles section that provides detailed help for New Zealand businesses trying to become compliant with the NZ Anti-SPAM Act. Its funny but I have seen a couple of “workshops” in NZ charging people anywhere from $700.00 NZD to over $1000.00 NZD to learn the same stuff I…