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How To Grow Your Business Email Marketing List

Depending on your eDM (email marketing) activity your business email list may lose up to 10 percent of subscribers every year.  How so?

All Business Email marketing in New Zealand needs to comply with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (The Act).  A vital component of the Act is the honouring unsubscribe requests.  Any business using an ESP (email service provider) like Mobilize Mail will get full self subscriber management – where every eDM (email marketing message) delivered will have the links to unsubscribe and update preferences and recipients are fully in control.

If your business is not using an ESP then you need to manually remove the recipients from your email list within 5 days of their unsubscribe request – this is the law.

We know how valuable our business email lists are as the statistics per email campaign and extended statistics from landing pages tells us exactly how effective email marketing is for our business.  Therefore we need strategies in place to replace the rate of attrition of our email lists and strategies to also grow them.

How many subscribers do you lose off your email lists annually?

If you’re losing up to ten percent of your list annually then you know how many new subscribers are required to keep the status quo.  Long tail marketing initiatives like giveaways are perfect for replacing the attrition rate and growing your list.  Providing an e-Book giveaway where you receive the recipient’s email address is a good exchange.  When the recipient signs up for the e-Book they are informed your Business may send business news promotions to them.   The recipient therefore is aware that they are opting in to these eDMs should they proceed to download your giveway e-Book.

Other strategies to grow your email list include:

>> Use Auto Messages on response to contact made via your website and online assets

>>Write regularly to a Business Blog – subscribers can follow your blog.  All blog posts can be shared to social media profiles

>>Prize Draws – regularly run prize draws – a main prize and smaller prizes for referrals


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