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Get Your Business Compliant with the Anti SPAM Law

I have just uploaded an article to our articles section that provides detailed help for New Zealand businesses trying to become compliant with the NZ Anti-SPAM Act.

Its funny but I have seen a couple of “workshops” in NZ charging people anywhere from $700.00 NZD to over $1000.00 NZD to learn the same stuff I have given you for free. Read the article first and all the other free resources on our site before you jump into these great money making events (thats not money making for you by the way).

Oh and for all you “professionals” who are copying my content for your over hyped expensive “workshops” I will get your workshop content in time through other people I know in the email marketing world.

Anti Spam Compliance Solutions For You & Your Business

To see how we can help you and your business comply with the NZ Anti-SPAM Act click here

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