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eDM Personalisation Tips

Personalising your eDMs improves open and click statistics according to studies done by leading marketing companies.

MarketingSerpa is one business that works tirelessly at mining data to assist marketers. It justifiably presents itself as a ‘research institute’ so what has it found out on the use of personalisation in eDMs (email marketing messages) campaigns?

eDM and Blog Writing Tips

Is eDM and blog copy writing a skill you can learn? We believe it is, and also it’s a skill that can be honed with practice and ongoing review. Here are some straightforward rules you can follow to create eDM and newsletter copy that will impress your email subscribers.

Control Your Download Links

Sharing of files with your email marketing list recipients has just got a lot easier. The golden rule is to never attach files to your email message as this is how viruses are spread and it’s also what spammers do. The correct way to share files is to host them online and link to them…

How To Use Auto Messages To Secure More Business

Auto Messages or ARs as they are commonly known can achieve a lot for businesses but they are infrequently used and we have a theory as to why that we will share with you in this blog post. Mobilize Mail’s new ESP system called MMAPP3 has a nifty feature that allows you to turn your…

Email Marketing Review Is Important

Email Marketing (eDM) campaign measurement is often overlooked. And there is a perfectly valid reason for this, often so much time, and energy has gone into creating the content and presentation of the eDM there is resounding relief when the ‘deliver my message’ button is finally pushed. Often we hear our clients say….  “Yay! that’s…

Why Landing Pages Are Key To Email Marketing Success

Landing pages are the webpages your email recipients land on when they click links in your eDMs (email marketing messages). These pages are key to your business email marketing success.  What pages are your eDM recipients landing on?  And what action are they taking next? When you use landing pages properly you’ll be armed with…

Browsers – What You Need To Know When Email Marketing

Internet browsers will present your eDM’s (email marketing messages) differently.  Do you know how your messages present in the commonly used browsers e.g. Firefox, IE, Chrome etc? When Mobilize Mail tests eDMs for clients as part of our premium service (business eDM campaign management) we are some times surprised at just how much browsers play…