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Email Marketing Review Is Important

Email Marketing (eDM) campaign measurement is often overlooked. And there is a perfectly valid reason for this, often so much time, and energy has gone into creating the content and presentation of the eDM there is resounding relief when the ‘deliver my message’ button is finally pushed. Often we hear our clients say….  “Yay! that’s all done till the next time”

There is also a reluctant to look at statistics that are presented as numbers if you are not a numbers person.  Creative people liking words and visuals are not excited by lots of numbers however it’s these people who create your business marketing messages so we’ve come up with a solution in our new system MMAPP3 to please the creative folk.

MMAPP3 has lots of visuals in its statistics module so when you view your eDM campaigns you can look at graphs not numbers – yay says the creatives!  To also assist our clients we offer an eDM Review Service (email advisory service) where we add  commentary on the results.  We also compare your campaigns with earlier campaigns and find out what you want to know – i.e. what’s important to your business.

Our team reviews your eDM campaign statistics and presents the information in a document that is perfect for understanding the impact of your message and how it compared with your other eDM campaigns.

Measurement essentially lets you know how you’re going – are you on track and reaching your email marketing goals?  If you don’t set email marketing goals you can get value from knowing which eDM campaigns faired well and learn what content is desired by your recipients.

We recommend a quick review of your email marketing statistics every month and a more intensive review every quarter.

It is very important to spend your time wisely and get the highest open and click rate you possibly can get so take a look at the Statistics module in your MMAPP3 account – review a new message 24 hours after delivery and again review it again a week later.  You’ll be presently surprised by the movement in statistics over that time.


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