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Control Your Download Links

Sharing of files with your email marketing list recipients has just got a lot easier.

The golden rule is to never attach files to your email message as this is how viruses are spread and it’s also what spammers do.

The correct way to share files is to host them online and link to them within the eDM message, your email recipients receive the eDM and click the link to download the file.  Now we have created a new feature in your MMAPP3 email marketing account that allows you to control the downloading of the files.

To share your documents (reports, disclosure document, ebook etc) efficiently and in a controlled and measurable way you can do so easily in your Mobilize Mail email account by clicking a link in the HTML editor when you are creating your eDM. Click here to find out how.

Your business may wish to control how many times a recipient can download your document or put a time limit on the document’s access by anyone.  These controls allow you to share documents with their intended recipients only.

Our clients often use our CampaignHub software to manage the subscription to their eBooks – click here for an example.  The subscription process allows the subscriber to get access to the eBook after they have provided their email address.

The CampaignHub system is perfect for managing the subscription of eBooks and enabling the social sharing process.

Up to now to get the eBook downloaded by your email marketing list – your business would provide a link to the eBook sign up page in their eDM.  Now with our new download links function – your business would automatically provide the eBook download to your email list as a quick download link in your eDM thus saving your existing email list subscribers from needing to  complete CampaignHub’s sign up process.  Magic.

Contact Us if you need more information on Download Links.

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