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Why Landing Pages Are Key To Email Marketing Success

Landing pages are the webpages your email recipients land on when they click links in your eDMs (email marketing messages).

These pages are key to your business email marketing success.  What pages are your eDM recipients landing on?  And what action are they taking next? When you use landing pages properly you’ll be armed with feedback and more business.

Many New Zealand Businesses who have recently converted to eDM marketing are still caught up in the traditional marketing style of ‘outbound marketing‘.  They use their eDMs to solely ‘push out’ information on their services, products in a similar presentation to a magazine advertisement.  This is not necessarily a bad approach – for some businesses their focus really is ‘sales’ eDMs.

However most New Zealand Businesses would benefit from combining outbound with inbound marketing.

The core difference between the inbound marketing eDM and the outbound marketing sales eDM is the latter is short lived. The inbound marketing eDM lives on via the call to action links to the landing pages.  With attention given to the landing pages – indepth measurement can be undertaken and provide vital feedback to the business continuously.

As you are aware eDMs sent via an ESP like Mobilize Mail provide measurement with feedback on opens, clicks, unsubscribes – you name it we track it and Mobilize Mail’s new ESP called MMAPP3 goes deeper providing more metrics for eDM comparison and location of recipient when they opened the eDM.   These statistics are wonderful as a starting point but work more effectively when closely tied into your landing page statistics.

With google analytics on your landing pages the measurement now extends from the recipient’s email inbox right through to your online webpages and the action taken there.  This is why landing pages are key for email marketing success.

A series of landing pages will also show what further action your recipients take and when they ‘fall off’ aka ‘bounce rate’ off the landing page.  This is essentially a filtering system where visitors on the landing pages are considered most valuable and most likely to become customers the more pages they visit.

To get more from your eDMs mix up outbound and inbound marketing and use the landing pages to hone your services and products to achieve more sales and profit.

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