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Email Intelligence – Do You Have It?

An interesting question – do you have email intelligence or more accurately do you have eDM marketing intelligence? What is it – you may well be asking yourself right now. Email Intelligence sums up how you use email marketing for your business.

How To Boost Landing Page Conversions

An earlier blog post introduced you to CRO (conversion rate optimisation) i.e. how to use user feedback and analytics to improve website conversions.

This blog post goes a step further honing in on how to boost your landing page conversions.

Email Marketing Plan For 2014

Email marketing plans are worthwhile as they can provide focus, measurement and motivation to achieve more in the year ahead. Before you jump into your Email Marketing Plan for 2014 we suggest you review your success over the past 12 months. Review Last 12 Months eDM Activity & Statistics Comparable statistics of similar eDM campaigns….

eDM Campaign Management – It’s a Necessity!

We have all heard of the saying  “D.I.Y. – it’s in our DNA” – umm maybe in earlier generations of Kiwis.  I did some home DIY a few years ago and it ended up costing me twice as much i.e. what I paid initially for materials plus what I had to pay to the job…