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eDM Campaign Management – It’s a Necessity!

We have all heard of the saying  “D.I.Y. – it’s in our DNA” – umm maybe in earlier generations of Kiwis.  I did some home DIY a few years ago and it ended up costing me twice as much i.e. what I paid initially for materials plus what I had to pay to the job done properly.

The same can be said when it comes to managing Business email marketing campaigns.  Basic presentation and delivery of eDM messages like a monthly newsletter can be achieved on a DIY basis very successfully.

However email marketing has moved on as a channel to communicate and secure sales for business.

eDM Campaigns can include a series of eDM (email messages) all with their unique template styling, content, links, tracking and measurement expectations.

The post eDM reporting may need to provide the statistics and a comparison of recipient response rates per eDM as well as a campaign. Lots of time can be chewed up managing campaign projects and outsourcing to third parties can be a necessity.   Mobilize Mail is often engaged to provide all or a selection of the steps (see image below).



eDM Campaign Management is a group of tasks carried out in sequence. The visual illustrates a basic process flow diagram there can be more steps in a campaign than are shown in this diagram.

Email marketing is growing in value for New Zealand businesses.  The professionally styled eDMs and advanced tracking tools now available with systems like ours – plus it’s low cost compared to other marketing channels make it a no-brainer.

More uptake in managed eDM campaigns suggest even the most resolute DIY email marketing users will outsource their eDM campaigns eventually and reap the rewards their competitors are now enjoying.


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