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How To Boost Landing Page Conversions



An earlier blog post introduced you to CRO (conversion rate optimisation) i.e. how to use user feedback and analytics to improve website conversions.

This blog post goes a step further honing in on how to boost your landing page conversions. eDMs (email marketing) campaigns link to specific landing pages to capture information on their subscribers and introduce them to products and services. Landing pages are therefore our focus too and how to improve conversions off the page.

Once you’ve worked out what you want to achieve from your landing page – the next focus is on the design and content of the page from top to bottom starting with the header & headline.

Header & Headline

Your landing page visitors will first see the header and headline. Both need to go to work for you immediately. With seconds to impress, your headline needs to grab attention and draw your visitors in and onto your call-to-actions.

The Header and Headline lets your visitors know what’s on the landing page for them.


The ‘submit’ and ‘click here’ buttons on your landing page are critically important. It is the clicking of these buttons that provides the conversion rates that matter most to your business so they need to perform.

Do they stand out? Are they inviting and attractive? When your landing page takes on the colour scheme of your website, ensure the buttons stand out so try a few different colour variations.

The call-to-action message on your button is equally important. The wording, shape, colour and size all need your undivided attention. Test a few variations, mixing up the colour and wording – focus on value and relevance of the wording to achieve the highest click rate.

Content – Less Is More

More often than not – there will be a data capture form on your landing page – this is especially so when you’re channeling your email subscribers to a landing page. You may be keen to learn more about your email subscribers or gauge their interest in a product or service therefore the number one goal is to get the form and opt-in completed and submitted!

By removing all external links such as your menu and footer links, you can eliminate the chance of your visitors getting distracted and clicking away from the landing page. Keeping your visitors focused on completing your form is essential to increasing conversion rates.

Most visitors (even those who know your business i.e. your email subscribers) will be turned off at the sight of a long and daunting form to complete

Reduce the number of data fields and if you can pre-populate the form with the data you already have on the visitor. Before building your form, make a note of all necessary fields you must include and layout your form accordingly, without including any additional fields that have no real purpose.

Landing Page – Make It Responsive

Smartphone and tablet users is rising and they are using their mobile devices to view their emails and web pages. If your page does not look and function well on mobile devices and small screen sizes visitors instantly bounce off and that puts an end to any desire you have of boosting your landing page conversation rate.

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