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Email Marketing Plan For 2014

Email marketing plans are worthwhile as they can provide focus, measurement and motivation to achieve more in the year ahead.

Before you jump into your Email Marketing Plan for 2014 we suggest you review your success over the past 12 months.

Review Last 12 Months eDM Activity & Statistics

Comparable statistics of similar eDM campaigns.  What worked?  What can be improved?  What will you do more of and less of in the coming 12 months?  Contact us to assist you

This analysis along with your business goals for the year can form the foundation of your EM Plan.

During the next 12 months your business may be planning to release new products or services, hosting new events or open new stores/locations.  You’ll want to be reaching your followers (email list subscribers) at the right time.

When your eDM campaigns are delivered and to whom; will provide your Email Marketing Plan milestones therefore you can create a timeline of milestones (eDM events) for the next 12 months.

What do you put in an Email Marketing Plan?


An email marketing plan needs a timeline – a 12 month schedule of projected eDM campaign activity.

Determine what type of eDM (email marketing) communication is required and when it is to be released.

Then schedule it on a calendar.  Posting it on a calendar will show you the active and non active months your business wants to communicate a lot via email to  ‘sell’ or ‘market’ something.  There months of little or no activity require at least one  ‘newsletter’ eDM.

Plan to Avoid Out of Sight, Out of Mind 

A month without email communication is a very long time and the longer stay out of contact with your email list subscribers the higher your unsubscribe rate will be when you do eventually make contact with your email subscribers again.

eDM Campaign Resources + Costs Per eDM Campaign

Your email marketing plan can also include the resources required for each eDM campaign.

Resources can include a list of who (internally and externally) will be engaged/hired to complete the planning, design, development, delivery and post delivery analysis.

Knowing who is required per eDM campaign allows you determine the overall cost per campaign and determine a budget for your overall email marketing in 2014.

Remember we don’t plan to fail we fail to plan – therefore planning your eDM campaigns in advance removes last minute stress and panic, and your colleagues will be quick to let you know how well you’ve done for the business.

In our next blog post we will expand on the elements and stages of an eDM campaign.  It may be a surprise to learn what resources are required to produce quality eDMs.

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