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Email Intelligence – Do You Have It?

email intelligence

An interesting question – do you have email intelligence or more accurately do you have eDM marketing intelligence? What is it – you may well be asking yourself right now. Email Intelligence sums up how you use email marketing for your business.

High Email Intelligence

When your business is using personalisation in your eDM campaigns to achieve one-to-one marketing then you can say you’ve got a high email intelligence. Of course personalisation is more than starting off your eDMs with “Hello First Name”.

How To Collect Subscriber Data For One-To-One Communication

To personalise your eDMs to a degree where your business is communicating with your email list subscribers on a one to one basis – you need to collect relevant targeted information on your email list subscribers.

The starting point is when they sign up – or subscribe to receive your business email communication. Collect more information than first name and email address but remember you want the sign up process to be really quick otherwise they’ll walk way before hitting ‘send’.

All information you collect at this point must be relevant to how you wish to segment your email list and deliver email messages relevant to the subscriber criteria you’ve collected. E.g. find out what city they live in and send an email campaign with information pertaining to your business in that area. Your subscribers will take more notice of your communication as it is highly relevant to them.

Give-Aways and Prize Draws really do build your list perfectly and you can collect more targeted data on the registration page.

Segmenting Email List Subscribers via eDM Statistics works a treat for acquiring more relevant data on your email list. Review your email campaign statistics and send more targeted eDMs to the subscribers who clicked on links relevant to a particular topic, service or product.

It’s really not hard to have a high email intelligence it just takes discipline and motivation. The discipline to collect the data and the motivation to deliver a series of eDM campaigns that communicate on a one to one basis with your email list subscribers.

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