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Choosing The Right eDM Subject Line

The subject line of your email marketing message needs 100 % of your undivided attention so it delivered the desired result – higher open rate.

A poor subject line will result in your eDM being ignored by your email list subscribers.

Email Marketing – Trending Topics

What’s trending right now? Mid Winter, London Olympics, Rugby Finals, Batman Movie. There is always a buzz about something in the social media and the social media chatter can sometimes preempt mainstream media. While some themes and trends are best to keep away from, other positive trends can be a boost to your email marketing campaigns.

Its All About Timing In Email Marketing

Email marketing makes sense only if the timing is perfect. The marketing campaign conducted via emails has to push the right message at the most opportune times or else it will not have the desired impact. The reason for this is not far to find. Email marketing involves sending emails to a set of subscribers who have opted and signed up for getting updates about a website’s products and updates.

The Most Effective Subject Lines – Short or Long?

Subject lines for emails have evolved and so much research has been done on this subject, just to guide writers and businesses about what makes the most effective subject lines, and how to get them right in terms of size.

It All Starts With The ‘Subject Line’

Back in October 2007 we presented our thoughts on email Subject Lines – Improving the Email Subject Line. Six months later and we have some fresh perspective on Subject Lines – because your email message starts here! If the subject line fails to win over your recipients your email message is left unread. In our…

Improving the Email Subject Line

The main way to get people to open your email are recognition, reputation and subject line. One thing to keep in mind is how do you get your emails opened as it is easy to hit the “Delete” key. Below are common characteristics all great subject lines share: It needs to have something that is…