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It All Starts With The ‘Subject Line’

Back in October 2007 we presented our thoughts on email Subject Lines – Improving the Email Subject Line.

Six months later and we have some fresh perspective on Subject Lines – because your email message starts here! If the subject line fails to win over your recipients your email message is left unread.

In our October 2007 blog post we acknowledged great subject lines either provided content that is relevant and important to the recipient; suggested a sense of urgency or expiration factor ( e.g. book sale – last 2 days ) or provided something the recipient can act upon. (e.g. Travel in March 08 and Save $100). Combining more than one of these email openers in your subject line may work a treat too.

Using the recipient’s name in the subject line is another proven email opener – however what follows on after their name is equally important so the message is not confused with SPAM. You can also achieve instant recognition for subject headings by using your name ( e.g. Mobilize Mail – It all starts with the Subject Line).

Creating curiosity with a question is also an attention grabber – and as long as the question is relevant to the recipient it’s a winner. Remember to have the answer to the question within the email message your recipient will be looking for it and may judge your message on the quality of the answer. Personally I think there is nothing worse than a question without an answer – it leaves you with the feeling of being duped or tricked and that leads me onto the next focus – that being honesty. Subject Lines are part of your email message and they too need to be respectful and honest in their communication …they are to lead not mislead.

As uninteresting as it may appear the best subject lines simply describe the contents of the email message – nothing more – nothing less!

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