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Email Design Do We Change It Now For Mobile?

In New Zealand email recipients are still using earlier versions of email clients like Outlook 2007 and browsers IE7 & 8. Recent developments in email design suggest we need to focus on mobile devices and how to get the eDM looking great on the smaller screens.  See earlier blog post on Mobile Device use in…

Browsers – What You Need To Know When Email Marketing

Internet browsers will present your eDM’s (email marketing messages) differently.  Do you know how your messages present in the commonly used browsers e.g. Firefox, IE, Chrome etc? When Mobilize Mail tests eDMs for clients as part of our premium service (business eDM campaign management) we are some times surprised at just how much browsers play…

Mobilize Mail – MMAPP3 More Features For Your Email Marketing

Like a child with a new toy I am excited about our new email marketing and delivery system. If you love measurement and viewing lots of statistics our new MMAPP3 (as our techies call it) is pushing all the right buttons. MMAPP3 is designed to empower our clients to make even smarter choices to secure…

Mobilize Mail’s Marketing Campaign Support Applications Perfect For Business

Business email and social media marketing campaigns are now less likely to be standalone marketing initiatives. More often than not Businesses market their products or services via online and offline channels simultaneously and managing the response from various the channels is a challenge that is now met with our marketing support applications.