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Newsletter Tips For Your Email Marketing Campaign.

There is no doubt that email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool that keep you in touch with your subscribers and keep them up to date with what your business is doing and what you have on offer and this cements your relationship with them. The difficulty with newsletters and all marketing emails is getting it opened by the recipient, their inbox will be full of emails and you want your email to appear interesting and worthy of a “open click”.

Email Marketing – Smart Gains At Small Costs

Email marketing brings positive results for businesses without a high cost to your business’s bottom line. Small and medium enterprises often engage the services of email marketing professionals to maximize returns from their email campaigns.

Achieve Higher Returns With Email Marketing

Internet customers are often seen as an impersonal username or email address giving very few clues about the human-being behind the screen. However the data available to email marketers provides ample insight into consumer behaviour.

Step 4 Continued: Create Professional Content for Your Business Emails

Continuing on from “Create Professional Content for Your Business Emails” in this part we will cover the science of email subject lines, sender address and personalisation. Subject Line & Senders Detail There is no simple template to follow to ensure higher response to your emails however we can offer you some wisdom below when looking…

Email Marketing Part 3: The Content

Now its time to work out what type of content you will be sending them that will not only stop them from unsubscribing but create a perception that encourages the subscriber to react the way you want them to.

We Trust What We Read Online

Last week the NZ Herald published a very interesting article on our online social networking habits. We are said to be “obsessed” with online social networking sites and we are becoming more trusting of what we read online. “A Research International-TNS poll of local internet users found nine out of 10 participate in social networks…

Key Techniques for Growing Your Mailing Lists

Key Techniques for Growing Your Mailing Lists: Website home page ‘sign up’ subscribe facility – and thoughout website Signature Link in emails Subscribe Link in all Mail Out messages Lineage in all marketing campaigns Run regular subscription promotions Website Subscribe Facility A high percentage of website visitors never go beyond your homepage so put the…

Email Marketing Best Practices Part 2 (How Often?)

We recommend for commercial emails not to have a weekly mail-out frequency. If you do then be prepared to see your mailing list quickly dry up. Ask yourself if you would like to hear from a business every week.