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Newsletter Tips For Your Email Marketing Campaign.

There is no doubt that email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool that keep you in touch with your subscribers and keep them up to date with what your business is doing and what you have on offer. This cements your relationship with them and is all important for Email Marketing NZ.

The difficulty with newsletters and all marketing emails is getting it opened by the recipient, their inbox will be full of emails and you want your email to appear interesting and worthy of a “open click”.

Mobilize Mail have found many readers may just skim their inbox titles and even if they open the email they just scan down to see if anything grabs their attention. Make the content pop out and look interesting and they may click through to your online assets.

Maximize Readability by;

  • Preview Pane – We read from top left to right, and then down the page. So keep banners smaller so that the key text is as close to the top left as it can be. If the reader has to scroll too much they may give up. Make your point quickly and do not get lost in too much peripheral text.
  • Have a clear Call to Action – Make sure that your reader can easily see and read what it is they are meant to do. For example – Enter a competition or click here to buy. Be careful not to use content or text that may appear like spam, such as “no money down”.
  • Appearance – If you are using background images in the newsletter be aware that some email browsers do not support them. Keep the background colour different from your text colour and make sure that the text appears clear and bold against the background. Make sure any graphics or video are of high quality.
  • Click the link. The best outcome of an email marketing newsletter is for the reader to click through from the email to your other online assets, like your website, social media pages or an email. Always have a web-based view option on your newsletters – so the reader can quickly choose this option from the top of the email.

Always keep in mind how you yourself view constant emails from marketing companies and never bombard your clients, if you say you will email once a month – then make sure they get that email – no more no less.


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