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Microsoft and Non Standard Characters

If you like to create your email message content in Microsoft Word please read on as you may have some of your subscribers contacting you about funny characters in your message. It seems that Microsoft Word automatically changes straight quotation marks to curly (smart or typographer’s) quotes as you type. This is fine if you…


This will interest you all. A very interesting study has been completed and the results are amazing! The Epsilon Interactive report stated that 69% of email users know how to activate suppressed images, and 57% at least sometimes activate images in promotional messages from senders they buy from or have accounts with, or from senders…


SPAM Images

Many of you might already know the reason why spammers are now using images for their messages but just in case you don’t have a read of this article. Click here


United States cited as top spam nation

“The United States and China remained atop the list of countries spewing spam for the third quarter, UK-based security vendor Sophos said Monday, and the former had the dubious honour of extending its lead in the battle for spam share. According to Sophos, servers in the US sent 21.6 percent of the world’s spam during…


$6.5m fine for sending spam email

Finally! The Aussie government gets one of the top 200 spammers! I hope they keep on hitting him until he disappears of the face of this planet. Saturday October 28, 2006 PERTH – A Perth-based company has been fined A$5.5 million ($6.5 million) for sending millions of unsolicited emails, with a judge labelling the spam…


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