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Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?


Is your business wondering if email marketing is still relevant in 2017? You’d be forgiven for asking the question given how long it’s been around and all the other digital marketing channels now available. The very good news is – email marketing is not only relevant, it is still considered the top performer when compared to social media marketing, search and offline too – wow!

What we all want from marketing is leads and email marketing outperforms it’s competitors says Kiss Metrics. In their recent study paid search and online advertising was less than half as effective as email marketing. Social media marketing also struggled to impress while content marketing – a relatively newcomer in the digital marketing space is performing really well but it’s hasn’t taken out the top spot. This belongs to email marketing and here’s why.

“Who wants to be sold to? What we respond to is personalised thoughtful relevant communication that is targeted to our personal interests.”

Email marketing is cost effective and email is trusted by the millennials and the rest of us. It’s easy to implement and it’s forgiving. We can learn how to get better conversion (more opens and clicks) by analysing the metrics and changing up the content for the following email campaigns to win over our valued email list. It’s easy to grow your email list too by using your marketing channels including social media, content marketing etc and if that’s not working fast enough look at influencer marketing.

Email marketing is more than just relevant in 2017 it’s fundamental to your business’s success in lead generation and communication.


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