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Use Influencers To Grow Your Email List


Influencer marketing has been around for a while and we’ve all seen the paid celebrity product placement and posts in social media. While we know it’s not real we still react positively to it and hence celebs get paid handsomely for their posts etc. Small businesses can also use Influencers to grow their brand and sales and without needing a big budget to score a celeb or two.

The rise of social media influencers beyond brand name celebs has opened up cost effective marketing opportunities for micro and small and new businesses. Influencers have lots of followers they’re great at starting the conversation that can spread like wildfire. A favourable review from an influencer can create a frenzy of clicks and visits in an advertiser’s direction and when there’s an attractive call to action on the landing page with a free gift in exchange for an email address then the success of this type of marketing is clearly evident. Email marketing lists are the beneficiaries and your business gets new subscribers to communication with.

Marketing and advertising agencies are hot on the tail of influencer marketing and they have packaged up services that suit budgets of all sizes to attract the new start up or smaller outfit as well as the bluechip enterprises. One agency mixing it up in New Zealand is Populr. They offer the connection between advertisers and influencers on social media. Their aim is to marry up the influencers whom have a genuinely affinity with an advertisers product or service so the connection is real and the ongoing success of this type of marketing is encouraged.

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