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Email Marketing & Social Media Work Together


Email and Social Media produce better results for your business when they are working together. There is the saying “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet” which is part of a poem by Rudyard Kipling. It’s a phase extensively used today to explain how the culture of two things or people are so vastly different they’re unlikely to naturally come together as one.

Be the matchmaker in your business and nudge your email and social media marketing teams down the same path towards the same goal of working together where viable on mutually beneficial initiatives so your business can achieve a higher ROI.

We know social media is fantastic for streaming fun stuff and flash news while email is the preferred and trusted channel for customer transactions, loyalty programs and business communications. Therefore use the strengths of each channel to boost the synergy of email marketing and social.

“To kick off the great relationship we recommend you use email marketing to boost the sharing and grow your fan base on social media and use social media to increase your email list subscribers.”

Can your social fan base sign up to your e-newsletter while remaining in Facebook etc? This is a feature that is easy to set up and we can set it up for you so your social followers can automatically join your newsletter list and other lists for your business email marketing. Once this sign up feature is set up you can share it and get others to share it too.

Create email campaigns specifically for boosting your social fan base. How many of your email list subscribers follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc? Give it a go, create and deliver an email marketing campaign (eDM) and after delivery review the statistics both in your eDM account and online in your social profiles. The results should delight both your email and social media marketing teams – working together is better!

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