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Email Preferred Over ‘In Person’ & Social Media

Email as a communication and marketing channel for business is alive and well and the preferred choice by the ‘Millennials’.  Millennials are people between 25 – 35 years of age.

Retailers are finding out the hard way that their customers resoundingly prefer to communicate via email not social media according to a study done by

Large investment has been made by many businesses in recent times so they can provide customer support in social media channels like twitter, therefore this study would be unwelcoming news.

Email Preferred Communication With Retailers & Financial Companies

From the emarketer study ‘Email’ ranked top at with Retailers, and Financial Institutions with 43+% preferring communication to be via email.

The next most popular channel was ‘in person’ with 22+%. Social Media came with just 6%.  Social Media is clearly not preferred for business communication amongst this younger group of adults.

Also from the same study it suggests more response is garnered from surveys and feedback forms via email over the other channels suggesting businesses are more likely to find out more about their products and their audience when they communicate via email.

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