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Email Marketing Simplicity Works Best


Keep it simple is the number one tip from leading email marketers. Businesses have more customer data at their finger tips today than ever before and slowly it’s being put to good use by email marketers. As a result email content is more personalised and in 2017 more businesses will realise the potential for greater conversion from unique marketing emails campaigns; so while the back end becomes more complex the actual email message itself should remain simple.

Tip For Email Marketing Simplicity

Email design should be mobile responsive. Keep the message succinct, therefore avoid using too many words to get your point across.

Email marketing content font size is at minimum 14 however size 16 and larger is becoming the norm and line spacing is also increasing too. The easier it is to read the email the higher the conversion rate. HubSpot mention Uber as one of their favourites for email design because of it’s simple message and design.

Reach more potential customers by using Influencers and email is still the preferred and trusted channel for communication. It’s also on target to reach 246 Billion emails per day by 2019 and that’s a lot of email in just 4 hours. Review your business email templates, mix it up for 2017 and make subtle changes to your campaigns, measure and analysis the results.

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