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Email On Target To Reach 246 Billion By 2019



Email is getting more popular and it’s on target to reach 246 Billion per day by 2019. That’s a lot of email. Email is loved for its management and archiving capabilities. There is no replacement for it – yet. Instant messaging in mobile apps and social media has taken some of the load off email however that’s just been filled by all the communication once delivered by snail mail.

According to this well researched infographic on the story of email – email marketing commenced as soon as email became available to the masses. I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise – marketing needs to be with the ‘innovators’ on the technology adoption bell curve ,the top email marketers push the boundaries and they’re quick to use new designs.

Email marketers will however be quick to point out that while the technology has changed over the years there are a few rule of thumb tips that are as relevant today as they were back in the day when email first came on the scene thirty years ago.

Email Marketing Basics Relevant Today

Subject Line – make it catchy and relevant
Content – To the point, relevant to the recipient, and score low on SPAM count. Use list segmentation and a SPAM counter.
Personalisation – use it as much as possible. Emails need to be unique to get the open and conversion.
Mobile Ready – your emails must present well in mobiles. Mobiles are ever-growing in popularity for email use. Email marketing messages need the images and content to be easy on the eye.
Design – marketing emails need to look professional every time and consistent with your brand.

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