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Email Like Clinton, Not Trump


What didn’t the Trump campaign do well before they commenced their email marketing campaign?  In our earlier post Expert Email Marketing Clinton Style the Clinton and Trump email campaigns were compared.  Clinton’s team are expert email marketers and they’ve used fund-raiser email effectively throughout the primaries and now into the presidential campaign.  Trump’s team have been slow to email and it’s clearly hurt the campaign.

According to this article  “Trump has done email marketing all wrong” and email tracking firm Return Path collated some interesting email marketing statistics from Trump’s first ever fund-raising email campaign.  The Spam count in the email content was really high so 60 percent of emails never arrived in the Inbox.  Only 12 percent of emails were opened and 6 percent were deleted.

Clearly these results are unsatisfactory.  So email like Clinton, not Trump.

Here’s a list of what you can do to make sure your own email marketing campaigns provide better results.

  • Whitelist Domain – to avoid been seen as a Spammer
  • Spam Free Content – use a spam checker and remove spam words
  • Personalisation – use it.  Emails should be unique per recipient
  • Cross Channel Marketing – email and social media work better together


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