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Expert Email Marketing Clinton Style


Hillary Clinton made history this week by becoming the first female Presidential candidate for a major party and it’s largely thanks to her competent team including those responsible for email marketing – (check out our list of what we’ve learned from Hillary Clinton’s email marketing – later in this article).

Targeted Marketing recently wrote on their blog a post on the comparison between the email marketing styles of the two major party camps (Trump vs Clinton) in the primaries.  Hillary Clinton’s camp was described as ‘a model for best practices’ while Donald Trump’s camp was said to have ‘taken a different approach’ – which in translation means being unorthodox.

Donald Trump was self funded throughout the primaries so he didn’t need to raise money.  His email campaigns commenced later and there were far fewer email marketing campaigns.   According to the blog post on average he sent just five emails a month versus Hillary’s team sending email almost daily.

While delivering email daily may seem excessive it’s actually not.  When email campaigns are highly targeted and relevant, recipients take action.  In the early stages of Hillary’s campaign (early 2015) the email campaigns were focussed on a welcoming series with videos.  As the weeks progressed so too the email campaigns which moved into the next phrase requesting donations, invite friends and volunteers sign up.  The team was also active conducting split testing of subject lines, and content and as the email marketing campaigns grew in complexity and volume; the tone of the message relaxed.

Hillary Clinton’s camp are ‘in the zone’ with their email marketing and fighting-fit for the next stage in the race for the Presidency.  The same can not be said of Donald Trump if his email marketing to date is anything to go on.

Key Email Marketing Tips – Clinton Style
  • encourage subscribers to sign up to receive emails with video messages, banners, content marketing
  • deliver a ‘welcome series’ email campaign (using Auto Responder emails)
  • continue to collect subscriber data, segment and deliver targets email messages
  • measure and test subject lines, content, review earlier campaign statistics and use findings in next campaigns.  Repeat process continuously
  • mix up the tone of the message to include a relaxed style when relevant


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