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Email Marketing Benchmark For 2016


In the coming weeks take time to reflect on your business email marketing in 2015.  In your review of the year just passed consider the content your business communicated and the frequency of contact with your email list subscribers.  Once you have arrived at a suitable benchmark for the year ahead – write an email marketing plan for 2016.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
Benjamin Franklin

A comprehensive review of your email marketing success in 2015 can provide the foundation from which your business can build on.  Plotting the measurement and statistics captured for every email marketing campaign in 2015 will provide a detailed impression of how your emails performed and which areas need more attention in 2016.

The starting point of all marketing is content therefore ‘Content is still King’.  Mix up the styles of email communication to include knowledge sharing, engagement, education and of course sales content and share it evenly throughout the year.  These email tips are relevant.

Email marketing is an integral communication channel for New Zealand businesses.  We have one of the highest conversion rates in APAC however many of it’s features are still under-utilised .   Employing the basics of ‘personalisation’ is still a stretch for many users, let alone utilising other customer data in email content for targeted communication on business products and services.

Plan now to get more from your email marketing in 2016.  Contact us to assist with you with your subscriber personalisation and email lists segmentation, we want your business to achieve higher conversion rates in the coming year.


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