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New Zealand Email Conversion Is High

According to eMarketer New Zealand has outperformed other nations in APAC.  Business email marketing achieves great results here.  Open and click rates in New Zealand are amongst the highest in the region and we also have a low unsubscribe rate. Australia also faired well while the less developed nations like India performed poorly.  India’s open rate is on average under ten percent compared to New Zealand’s whopping thirty three percent.

Up to 33% Open emails

New Zealand businesses can utilise email more often to communicate their business services and products.  According to the eMarketer report New Zealand businesses should be satisfied with up to a third of their email list opening their emails and they can expect twenty percent of these subscribers to take further action by clicking a link.  The very low unsubscribe rate is also delighting us.

Unsubscribe rate as low as 0.1%

The average unsubscribe rate for New Zealand is also low at 0.1%.  To date we’ve considered an unsubscribe rate of up to 0.8% satisfactory.  An eDM delivered to 1000 recipients up result in up to 8 unsubscribes.  There are a lot of factors determining the unsubscribe rate including:

  • eDM content relevancy to email list recipients
  • eDM delivery frequency
  • email list subscriber change in preferences

Emails (eDMs) delivered to highly targeted email lists perform better with higher open and click rates. Ensure your eDMs have a ‘Preferences Link’ so your email list subscribers can click and view the information you have on them and they can elect which lists they want to subscribe to.  Offering this self service function will keep your unsubscribe rate low and your subscribers engaged.

Check out the results from the APAC research in the image below:



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