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More Business Via Auto Responder Emails


Just this week we were reminded of how useful set and forget auto responder campaigns are for securing new business.  Auto Responder (AR) emails are not just the plain text email that is sent to a recipient straight after they’ve completed an action online, like a purchase, download or registration.    Auto Responder campaigns can be your regular eDM – in full HTML with colour and images.

“What we found out this week is – when auto responders are put to good use more business is secured.”

With Mobilize Mail, the auto message or AR system can be engaged while setting up a standard email campaign. The eDM (email) delivered to your list can also be delivered to new subscribers added to your email list after the initial delivery.  Auto responder emails can be embargoed to deliver immediately after the new subscriber is added to the list or set to deliver hours, days or weeks later.

Five or Twenty ‘Touches’ To Get A Sale?

We know communicating with a prospective customer once is usually not enough to win their business.  That it may take quite a few ‘touches’ to seal the deal.  Some say the magic number is five while others say it can take as many touches as 20!

Most of us would probably give up after a few goes at the same prospect, so auto responders are really useful to take care of many of those requisite touches and improve your new customer acquisition rate.  We recently set up a five touch email campaign on our auto responder function for a client and they said it’s a huge relief knowing they are doing everything they can to grow their business.


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