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How Many Touches To Secure A Sale?


Does it take three or more touches to get a sale? For some sales it’s just one touch and this is called an impulsive sale and we all want a lot more of these sales. However to achieve the impulsive sale a lot of work has already been done by your business, building it’s reputation and thus earning the trust of impulsive buyers.

The impulsive sale is a bit like an ‘overnight success’ – in reality it takes years to achieve the overnight success. Most sales require more than one touch and there is no magic answer on how many touches it takes to earn a sale. Do you know how many touches it takes your business to get a sale? If you want to speed up the sales process by reducing the number of touches review and improve the quality of every touch. Improving the value of each touch can be achieved with email marketing. Measurement and review of your email campaigns will confirm if you’re on the right path too.

Marketing/Advertising, Publicity, Sales

There are three main activities involved in the sales process: Marketing & Advertising, PR, Sales and email communication should be a vital component of every step as it is the preferred channel. How well these three components (Advertising, PR & Sales) communicate determines the number of touches required to achieve the sale. Regular meetings with the stakeholders is necessary to ensure all teams are working together.

A common error is to focus solely on the hard sell and leave out the publicity or PR component. This action will lengthen the time it takes to make the sale. Publicity is talking about your business, it’s people, systems, products and services. Customers need to have confidence in your business and publicity goes a long way in earning trust and building a good reputation.

Auto Responder email campaigns are perfect for marketing and publicity. Content marketing and social media broadcasts are also vital activities of marketing and publicity. Broadcasts are ‘light touches’ whereas email messages hold more weight and value.

In summary, use all three components: Marketing/Advertising, Publicity and Sales collectively. Plus focus on the quality of each touch and review your email campaigns to assess your progress in reaching your goal of speeding up the sale.

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