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Email Opens on Mobile Vs Desktop


Mobile use for email is growing in New Zealand.  Business to Consumer (B2C) emails have a higher open rate than Business to Business (B2B).  Mobile open rates of 40+ percent are now the norm for our B2C clients whereas our B2B clients expect to achieve around 30 percent.  Mobile use for email continues to grow as better data plans come online.  Uptake of smart phone use is a lot greater in regions around with the world that have  cheaper data plans.

In countries like America mobile usage for email is far greater than it is in this country so here in New Zealand we get to witness where we’re most likely heading and businesses can prepare ahead of time with email marketing messages that are optimised for mobiles.  The time to start if you haven’t already done so is now.

Users are clearing their Inbox while they are away from the office.  This action can speed up their productivity while they are at work. Instead of using the start of the business day viewing and clearing out Spam and unwanted emails, the time  is dedicated to the emails that are relevant which is better for their employers and a higher conversion rate achieved for the email sender.

This practice by users results in the email subject line and the content viewed before scrolling determining the email’s relevance.  Will it stay or will it go?  The emails remaining in the Inbox get a second viewing on the user’s desktop and you want your emails in this group not the in the trash.  So how do your marketing emails present on mobile devices?

Here is an earlier blog article on email subject lines and for your content – summarise what’s in your email marketing message in the introduction and work on how it reads – make it interesting.

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