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Mobile Use Prediction Comes True



Back in 2010, Mashable, the most popular news site for all things digital reported mobile web use will take over from desktops and laptops by 2015 and they got it right!

In February 2014 CNN Money reported; in the US mobile app use and use of smartphones and tablets to access the Internet over took PCs for the first time in January 2014.

Now here in New Zealand we get to see what’s coming due to our ‘majority’ uptake of all things new being typically six months to a year behind the US. This would suggest mobile use in our country is right now pushing hard for the top position and it’s use is not just for accessing the Internet.

Smartphones and tablets are also fast becoming the device of choice for receiving emails. Are your eDMs ‘mobile ready’ and in responsive design? Check your email campaign statistics and if more than a quarter of your recipients are using their mobile to open your eDMs then it’s time to take action and replace your email template.

In the smartphones market it’s iPhones (iOS) that is the clear winner in New Zealand. Worldwide Android takes the honours then iOS. The rest combined have a small share of the market at just under seven percent according to a press release by IDC.


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